2015-16 Board of Directors

Angelica Duffy (Aisling Duffy, Pre-K)
Jennifer Baldwin (Hollis Baldwin, 4s)

3s Class Representative:
Jen Woodward (Charlie Woodward, 3s)

4s Class Representative:
Sarah Bain (Alexander Pitzer, 4s)

Pre-K Class Representative:
Judy Reed (Nathan Reed, Pre-K)

Diversity and Equity:
Amy Armstrong (Bishop Hinkley, 4s)

Jobs Coordinator:
Shannon Richardson (Ellery Richardson, Pre-K)

Marketing Director:
Kyle Duford (Jackson Duford, 4s)

Membership Director:
Lindsey Morich (Evelyn Morich, 3s)

Secretary/Newsletter Editor:
Eileen Smith (Brendan Mitchell, Pre-K)

PCPO Representative:
Kristen Lex (Greta Lex, 4s)

Duane Peterson (Mr. Marty)

Auction Chair:
Maybe you?