Multnomah Playschool raises 40% of its operating income through a single fundraising effort. This fundraiser consists of a fun-filled evening centered around a silent and live auction. The event brings together the MPS community, family and friends for an amazing demonstration of gratitude and giving; it’s a truly magical evening. The money raised through the auction helps cover normal operating expenses, goes towards paying our teacher, and also specifically directs funds to our scholarship program. The MPS Maggie Webber Scholarship fund helps those families with demonstrated financial need; supporting our desire for a diverse community without bias.

The goals of the auction are clearly defined early in the school year. Progress is communicated throughout the process through email, general meetings and the MPS newsletter. No one is left in the dark and everyone has the opportunity to play a part, big or small, in the success of the event.

All of the MPS families will play a role in the auction. The Auction Chair (a parent job) coordinates the event logistics and leads the community through the process. The two Procurement Co-Chairs (parent jobs) lead a team of parent-volunteers to contact past and new donors. All the items for the auction are ultimately procured by the parents of MPS. Each family will have a procurement goal and will work an auction job (in addition to their parent job). Each family will also be asked to invite family and friends to the auction to make it a success – the more guests we have, the greater our chances are of raising the funds we need to be financially healthy year after year.

The strong sense of community and teamwork bring about amazing results at Multnomah Playschool. The auction is just one of the many examples of this. With your enrollment at MPS, you commit to being part of this extraordinary community and this fundraising event. What part would you like to play?