Parent Testimonials

What current and alumni parents are saying about MPS…


“My kids still talk about wishing they could go back to pre-k.  If you ask them they liked all the hands on messy stuff, the fun art projects, THE MUD PIT,  It was a place that fosters Love and learning and had a very caring atmosphere.  And lastly for kids with special needs (food allergies) it is a safe place for them  to know that they will be included so they won’t get left out of special occasions.”          – Robin


“The way Parker lights up when talking about the teachers says it all. When asked how school is going his response was, “AWESOME”.  As a parent to see how comfortable and safe he feels at MPS and to know how much he is learning and experiencing is priceless.”     -Robyn


“We feel so fortunate that our children had Teacher Marty and MPS in their lives.  Having come from another preschool, we were amazed at just how different a classroom could be.  The children were so free to explore, get messy, and become engrossed in their own imaginative play.  Where else can a child paint with their entire body, use real fish to make art, or endlessly fill buckets with water to make muddy rivers in the dirt pit?  Every day we walked in, there was something new for my child to experience.  Sometimes I was envious!

Every time I helped in the classroom, I walked away having learned something about child development, effective parenting, or even about myself!  I enjoyed the guest speakers and classes for parents very much.  I didn’t anticipate that it would be a school for me as well!

One of the things that makes MPS so special is the parent community.  It wasn’t just a wonderful place for my children, it was a rewarding experience for us as parents as well.  It introduced us to a whole new circle of friends and families.  That was very meaningful to us as new residents of Portland.”     – Robin


“I am a mom of a kindergarten student and a 3rd grader at Rieke both of who formerly attended Multnomah Playschool’s preschool program.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about MPS, and the director/lead teacher Marty Peterson.  She has a tremendous gift in working with pre-schoolers and any child would be fortunate to share time with her.  The learning model at MPS is based in cooperative play and how that relates to intellectual growth in each child.  There is also an amazing sense of community, support, and connectedness inherent to this exceptional and unique learning environment.  Plus, my daughters both emerged form their MPS experiences ready to take Kindergarten by storm!”     – Kelly


“My field is education, so when it came to educating my children, I was looking for something special and my expectations were very high. I will never forget my first classroom visit at MPS, watching Teacher Marty with the children, I instantly knew that this was the place for my daughters and for me. Teacher Marty is truly gifted and she works very hard to keep her skills sharp and her heart open to all. MPS is without a doubt an educational wonderland. Thank you for loving my first child and I can’t wait to send my second child your way.”     – Amber


“You won’t find a better school This is an amazing hands-on school with an incredible teacher and the best introduction to school for your child (and yourself!) The ratio is a wonderful 4:1 that cannot be beat. Teacher Marty introduces kids to all kinds of wonderful activities in a sensitive, knowledgeable, and welcoming way. Get on the wait list as early as you can (they accept applications in the fall).”      -Alex


 “This morning when I was dropping off my 4 yr old at MPS for his about to be great day…he looked around at all his options and decided “I’m going to dance first!”  and proceeded to get his groove on to the music Marty had playing on the back rug.  Sweet moments like these are one of the many reasons I love MPS and Teacher Marty.  Children are free to choose their fun, express themselves how they feel comfortable be it drawing, play-dough, block building or…shaking your booty!  There isn’t a formula that all children are forced to follow, yet it all seems to work out so smoothly and the kids all just seem ready to listen, maybe because they feel so safe and loved.  You can’t go wrong sending your child here.”  -Sarah


“My twins are 5 and in Pre-K.  This is their third school and while they have liked all three they love Multnomah!  I told another parent with kids also in MPS that this is the school they will remember when they are our age.  When I asked them what the best thing about Pre-K was they told me without hesitation “Teacher Marty”…  this is a big deal because they have two outside areas, field trips and different things to play with inside everyday.  It’s really amazing how one person can make such a difference when they really care about the kids.   When I am there as a parent volunteer I am amazed at how well the teachers deal with every little personality differently.  They actually get dirty and play with kids, you can tell they (Teacher Marty and Lisa) actually love what they are doing!  I was thinking of how lucky the twins would have been to be there the last few years but then I remembered my two year old daughter will be there next year when she is three!  Can’t say enough about MPS and the teachers (and we have looked EVERYWHERE!).”              -Elizabeth