Our Philosophy:

Play-based Learning With a Commitment to Celebrating Diversity

Multnomah Playschool is committed to promoting and celebrating the differences that occur in our school, community and world. We value diversity and aim to provide opportunities for understanding the many ways we are all alike and different. We provide an environment welcoming all people, regardless of gender, race, culture, ability and family configuration.

Member of PCPO

Multnomah Playschool is also a member of the Parent Cooperative Preschools Organization.
Multnomah Playschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

Eco-Healthy Childcare

MPS is proud to be qualified as an Eco-Healthy Childcare program. This program started in Oregon, but is now being implemented nationwide as more schools recognize the importance of ensuring that a child’s place of learning be eco-healthy. The designation covers a checklist of 30 items covering pesticide and pest prevention, air quality, household chemicals, lead and mercury exposure, furniture and carpets, non-toxic art supplies, toys and playground equipment, and recycling. Beyond this certification, MPS brings an appreciation for the Earth into the classroom with nature oriented projects, books, materials, and excursions.