Letter from Teacher Marty – March 2019

Dear MPS Families,


Hey!  We did it!  We put on the auction and it really looked like everyone was having a good time.  I am so happy with the way everything turned out. The evening moved pretty smoothly with no big glitches.  I was ecstatic to have Robert (Bob), Meyer join us. As you may remember, Bob is the son of Frances Meyer – one of MPS’s founders and as such he was one of the school’s first students.  It was lovely to be able to sit and share stories and reminisce with him. He is overjoyed to see the school thriving and stronger than ever. We really do have deep roots in our community.

Our deepest thank you’s go out of course to all of you who made this event happen but most especially to Sonya Bastendorff, our auction chair.  This was a big year for her with the birth of her second child. Running the auction with a newborn on your chest is no easy feat.

Additional thanks to others who stepped up and took leadership and important support roles:  Kim Palmer (data entry chair), Malia Acohido (procurement chair), Sheila Hanson (merchandizing chair), Matt Palmer (emcee), Hilary Himan (bagging), Mike Keo (photography), Lucy Berkley (slide show and our go to person for so many extra details!).  We couldn’t have pulled it off without all of your leadership and efforts to keep us on track.

Please be sure to be giving each other lots of high fives.  You did a great job.

March is here and to kick it off we have a week with our Artist in Residence right off the bat.  Anna Hoye will be here the week of March 4 through 8, teaching the children to create cyanotypes.  We completed a residency with her quite a few years ago and I cannot wait to have her back. This project is such a blend of art and science which makes it just about ideal for our school.  If you are helping that week, you will be amazed at the process. Be sure to welcome Anna back. FYI, Anna is also a photographer and shot your kids school photos. And most importantly, she is also an alumni parent of MPS.  Her daughter Katie was here with for several years.

And of course the end of March brings Spring Break.  There is no school from March 25th through the 29th. Once we get back, time just seems to fly by and before we know it, we will be at the end of May looking back.In the mean time, if the temperatures ever come back up, we will be planting peas in the garden outside and maybe some herbs inside.  Spring is, after all, almost here. We will also be making some recycled/homemade paper soon which is a fun and a skill builder as well.

We will be reviewing resumes soon as we move forward with the search for our new director/head teacher.  If you wanted to be involved in that process and haven’t let us know, please send Becca Yates a shout out ASAP as this is on the immediate horizon and will need to be done in a very timely fashion.

That is it for me this month.  We have all been so busy with the auction that it is good that we all take a breather and step back and celebrate the school that we create together.


With love and appreciation,

Teacher Marty