President’s Corner (Nov 2015)

jennNow that we are two months into the school year, everyone should begin to feel at home when they walk into MPS. I’ve enjoyed getting to know some new families through the anti-bias class, the yard clean-up and the MPS board. Getting to know other families in our community is one of the many reasons I love being part of a co-op.

It was nice to see so many families and great costumes at the Harvest Party! A big thanks to Brittany, Leslie and Natalie for planning the event and working so hard to make sure everyone had a good time!

It is important to remember everyone’s school job is critical to the success of our school. Some jobs are more visible than others, but know that there are many people who work quietly behind the scenes to manage tuition payments, update our website, ensure we are properly insured and manage enrollment paperwork. Thanks to all of you for helping make our school the wonderful community that it is!

—Jennifer Baldwin (Hollis, 4s Class)